Prepare Your Chimney For Winter

Prepare Your Chimney For Winter

If You Looking To Prepare Your Chimney For Winter Just Call Us Now:(347) 990-2756 Chimney Sweep Expert – Cleaning NYPrepare Your Chimney For WinterPrepare Your Chimney For Winter There is so much to admire about winter. For house owners in particular, preparation for winter is important. Before shoveling driveway after the snowfall, or decoration for Christmas, get your house prepared for sufficient efficiency. A good chimney will not only minimize the energy cost but also keeps your house safer.


A chimney may stay on top of the house, but if proper maintenance is neglected then it can be dangerous. It can be possible that your chimney endured structural damage due to heavy snowfall last year. A chimney that needs a proper maintenance can be a relentless work. The NFP association advises house owners to call a professional chimney sweeper to inspection.

Prepare Your Chimney For Winter


National fire preventing association suggests professional chimney cleaner. If your chimney is in best shape, you need to ensure that creosote oil, which happens in every use of fire place, is not dangerous enough to create fire in your chimney. Creosote oil is flammable and highly dangerous. The longer it stays up inside the flue lining, the difficult and expensive it becomes to clean.

Smoke Alarms

Having an operational smoke alarms is essential if you have a fire place, all you need to do is change the batteries. The basic recommendation is to replace batteries every six months with a fresh one and change your device every five to ten years.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detector is an essential device for your fire place. You need to put your carbon monoxide away from gas appliances, furnaces, or fire place. A small amount of carbon monoxide can trigger a false alarm. Carbon monoxide kills more people a year than any other poison, its an invisible, odorless poisonous gas. Without carbon monoxide detector your family could face a grave danger.

Fire Extinguisher

All you have to do is keep an eye on your fire extinguisher, to ensure that they are in good condition.

Emergency Kits

A storm can hit the city anytime and that can cause you to stay at home for days. Have enough amount of seasoned wood prepared for your fire place and plenty of fuel to keep it running. Other items to keep as an emergency kits are-

  1. Shovels
  2. Plenty of batteries and flashlight
  3. Warm mittens, cups or kettle
  4. At least half tank of gas

These are the basic chimney preparation for winter, that will keep your house cold outside but warm inside. Be ready to enjoy winter with a warm house.

Prepare Your Chimney For Winter Just Call Us Now:(347) 990-2756

Prepare Your Chimney For Winter
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IF You Looking To Prepare Your Chimney For Winter Just Call Us Now:(347) 990-2756 Chimney Sweep Expert - Cleaning NY

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