Places To Visit In NYC

Places To Visit In NYC

The Beauty Of The Big Apple – Places To Visit In NYC

Places To Visit In NYCPlaces To Visit In NYC New York is most famous place in the world. Every year millions of people visit New York. There are lots of places in the world to visit, but no place can beat the beauty of New York. Here you can see the best places and this glorious city will take your heart away. One should definitely visit New York once in their life

Places to Visit in New York City

The city of art and culture and the tourism spots makes this city a major beauty. The Central Park of NYC is a mesmerizing attraction. There are other important places to visit like National September 11 Memorial and Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Metropolitan Opera House, Statue of Liberty, Time Square and many more. Here we will talk about the Metropolitan Museum of Art as it is the best attraction.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is one of the vast and wide ranging museum of art in NYC. This museum was built in 1870, it was opened after two years of its incorporation. The prime building was constructed by renowned artists, and in 1924 an American section was added including thousands of marbles which were acquired from the U.S Bank.

Right now, the Museum’s main collection is located at Fifth Avenue. Which holds thousand pieces of art and artifacts in millions of square foot facility. The Met’s collection is expansive, it holds renowned pieces like the iconic painting of George Washington, more than 26,000 of Egyptian art and countless pieces of Roman, Greek, Asian and Modern art on display.

Places To Visit In NYC

Festivals of Met

Met celebrates art cultural festival and special events that include art-making, performance, storytelling, demonstration, tours and more. Separate programs are available for visitors with different languages, teen, children, and adults.


The museum opened with just 174 European paintings but now it holds more than 2000 European paintings. The collection includes masterpieces of Raphael, Vermeer, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Other collections are photographs, modern art, paintings, sculpture, woodwork etc.

The museum was built with fund from businessmen, financers and with the help of Royal family and American citizens. They wanted to create a building which will hold education and art both at the same time for American people. The beauty, long time art, culture of the building can please any new visitor or art lover. The ancient artifacts and famous painting are truly heavenly.

Places To Visit In NYC
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Places To Visit In NYC
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The Beauty Of The Big Apple - Places To Visit In NYC

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