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We are a professional chimney contractor serving Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and the NYC Metro area. 

We bring you chimney services to fit your needs at home and in your business premises.

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We cover all your needs with extensive chimney sweeping

Chimney inspection and chimney maintenance, creosote removal, animal and nest removal, resolve smoke drafting issues, and many more. Our services save time & money for you while ensuring you stay compliant with regulations. Our many years of operation has helped us stay at the top of the competition in Manhattan, New-York and surrounding areas. You can call us now at (347) 990-2756 and request for a no-obligation quote from our customer care desk.

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Fully licensed & insured to provide chimney cleaning

We are fully licensed & insured to provide chimney maintenance and inspection services in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area. Over our many years of operation, we have joined several organizations such as the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Building Trades Association. Granted, we stay abreast with new sweeping trends to keep your facility fresh and offer service to fit your needs.

We offer full scope services, leaving nothing unattended.

What ever the problem is that you have with your chimney, we have you covered. Our cleaners and sweepers are highly trained and highly experienced to deal with any situation. We are your local company in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island, and NYC Metro area, and we will be at your premises within a short period when you call.


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Clients share their experience

Chimney Sweep Expert came fast and got our chimney ready just on time for the holidays. I highly recommend them and will use them again.
Sophie Grant
I used these guys to take care of our wood-burning fireplace. They showed up on time and did a fast and thorough job. We expected to have ash to deal with, BUT they did all the tidying up and left the fireplace looking like new. I would highly recommend them. Afterwards, I found out that they are a member of the Chimney Sweep Guild and are real professionals, not just some guy with a brush!
James Stinger
Chimney Sweep Expert came out to inspect and work on the chimney at my new home after the home inspector had recommended repairs. Chimney Sweep Expert was very knowledgeable clearly explained my options before beginning any work. They took care of the chimney, the grate, sealed cracks in the firebox, repaired the crown, and installed a new custom cap. I was very impressed by the quality of their work, and I just love the look of the custom chimney cap.
Amy Winter

Professional Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, HVAC Duct Cleaning, Hood Cleaning, Chimney Sweep | Our Service area: Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens, NJ, New York, NY, NYC, Long Island

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Chimney Sweep & Air Duct Expert

Clogged air ducts and dryer venting tubes can go from messy to downright dangerous. The signs and symptoms of dirty ducts and venting tubes creep up slowly and build over time. If you notice that your clothes take forever to dry or that your house is always dusty no matter how often you perform maintenance on it, it’s time for an estimate on air duct and dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer Cleaning

If your dryer vent is clogged or just partially blocked, you may struggle to get your clothes dry and pay for more electricity than you need. Clogged dryer venting also gets and stays damp, so you may notice an unpleasant aroma around your dryer if mildew or mold takes hold.

Our team will review the entire dryer line. If there are points where the venting line bends or turns a corner, the dryer vent cleaning process in your home will take a bit more time.

Our team of professionals will do a thorough job on your dryer vents. This may involve gaining access to your basement or the attic of your New York home. Be aware that a proper dryer vent cleaning may mean that you’re not able to use the dryer for a limited time. However, once air is moving again, the increased efficiency of the system will be worth it.

Air Ducts

Your NYC home may need an air duct cleaning if you have recent experienced any of the following:

  • a construction project: the dust from drywall and plaster is heavy and settles in your ducts
  • mold has been found in your building: mold spores will settle and grow in the dust in your ducts
  • you’ve noticed a spike in utility costs

The dust in your air ducts will require a particular method to remove all of the dust that’s settled in the system. The duct will need to be pressurized and the leaks repaired so it can be vacuumed and all the dust removed. Like with dryers, air duct cleaning will require access to areas of your home that generally aren’t open or accessible. However, once the project is done, you’ll really appreciate the reduction of dust in housework and the fresh air in your home.

Clean Air Ducts - Don't Overpay For Contractors‎

Chimney Cleaning

Whether you use your fireplaces or not, a thorough Chimney Cleaning is a great investment. A specialist can reduce the risk of animals getting into your chimney. In addition, our pros can help install a chimney cap to reduce the risk of moisture damage, mold growth and other risks.

Furnace and HVAC Efficiency

Even a new HVAC system will be inefficient if the ducts are clogged. Hiring professional Cleaners to work through your furnace and HVAC system as a regular part of your residential HVAC and furnace checkup. Dirty duct work will lead to problems with your furnace; the system can’t run efficiently if any portion of the ignition equipment is dirty. In this case, finding qualified service technicians and Cleaners Near Me can protect everyone in your household.

If your HVAC system is sluggish or struggling, search for Heating and Air Professionals Near Me and hire service technicians who serve the dual-purpose as repair-people and Cleaners. If you don’t get the duct work cleared out, your system will not last as long and will always be at risk from dirt and dust. Inefficient furnace ignition can be dangerous as well as costly.

Protect Your Air Quality

Whether you need help on a commercial or residential system, you can find skilled pros Near Me with a simple search. Call Us Today at 347 990-2756 for a Free Estimate and a thorough check of your Brooklyn, NY home or business. We Use State-of-the-Art equipment on both residential and commercial properties.

Our quality team offers Flexible Scheduling to assess the situation and handle the air duct cleaning project. If your NYC Commercial building needs duct or hood cleaning on your schedule, we can help. The goal of our NYC business is to help your company stay on track.

The best NY businesses understand that the city that never sleeps needs repair at all hours. Whether you need duct attention, a hood cleaning in your Staten Island, NY restaurant or work on your Brooklyn home, we can help. We serve all of Long-Island and NYC and also work in NJ.

Your New York City property will be more comfortable, cleaner and more efficient after a quality duct cleaning. Give us a call for service at your home or business. From Queens to The Bronx, we can be there on your schedule and provide the service your New York City home or business needs.

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