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Cleaning a chimney requires skills and that is why you need professional cleaners to do it for you. Not only is the task complicated, but chimneys that are not clean pose a fire accident risk. You can escape the risk of fire by calling 347-990-2756 and scheduling an appointment.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 23,600 residential fires were reported in 1996 across the country. These fires were caused by solid fuel appliances. There were additional 5,500 fires caused by chimney connectors and heating systems. 

These fires led to the death of 130 people and left 230 people injured with property losses totaling to $184.4 million. These are some of the reasons why you need professional cleaners to take care of your chimney. You do not want to be part of the statistics.

Back in the day, young boys would be sent down chimneys for creosote removal, animal and nest removal, and to resolve smoke drafting issues. Nowadays, technology has allowed better sweeping methods. We are licensed & insured to ensure that we sweep your chimney the right way.

Most homeowners are unaware that the chimneys are an integral part of the home heating and ventilation system and, therefore, needs frequent evaluation and maintenance. When creosote builds up and birds make their nests in the chimney, the chimney will be blocked and this affects the quality of air in the house. Smoke may not leave the house as it should especially when you are burning wood.

How Will We Help You?

The role of our cleaners is to prevent fires related to gas, wood stoves, oil, fireplaces and coal heating systems, and chimneys connected to them. If you use a wood burning system, it will require keen maintenance thanks to the frames and the smoke that comes with wood. Our cleaners are trained and experienced in removing items that block your chimney and reduce its efficiency. You can call a professional today at 347-990-2756 and get high quality service to fit your needs. 
We sweep, inspect, and maintain the systems to keep your facility clean and free of hazardous fires. As we clean, we evaluate the performance of the chimney and educate you on the best way to take care of your systems to improve efficiency. Our basic services are to clean your chimney which we do excellently. 

Our cleaning services involve removing hazards that have accumulated in the chimney. Some of these substances, such as creosote are highly combustible and may cause fires. Creosote is produced when you burn wood and wood products. Besides creosote removal, we offer animal and nest removal and resolve smoke drafting issues. By doing so, we prevent fires that might result from a blocked chimney.

We are always looking out for any signs of unsafe conditions that might result to home fires or threaten residents with unhealthy indoor air quality. We follow National Fire Protection Association standards as well as other state and federal cleaning codes and regulations. This ensures that you stay compliant with regulations in Manhattan, New-York and surrounding areas. Call us today at 347-990-2756.

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Clients share their experience

I used to clean our wood-burning fireplace. They showed up on time and did a fast and thorough job. We expected to have ash to clean up, BUT they did all the clean up and left the fireplace looking like new. I would highly recommend them. After the fact I found out that they are a member of the Chimney Sweep Guild and are real professionals, not just some guy with a brush!
James Stinger Came fast a got our chimney ready just on time for the holidays. I highly reccomend and will use again.
Sophie Grant
ChimneySweepExpert came out to inspect and clean the chimney at my new home after the home inspector had recommended repairs. ChimneySweepExpert was very knowledgeable clearly explained my options before beginning any work. ChimneySweepExpert cleaned the chimney, the grate, sealed cracks in the firebox, repaired the crown, and installed a new custom cap. I was very impressed by the quality of their work, and I just love the look of the custom chimney cap.
Amy Winter

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Prevent Chimney Fires

You will feel good basking in front of a wood stove. In most cases, the last thing you think of is the condition of your chimney. You need to let us handle it for you if you live in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area. Before lighting those fires in winter, give some thought to the condition of the chimney and high professional cleaners to offer sweeping and maintenance services.

Chimney fires burn explosively and can be detected by neighbors. The flames from the top of your chimney can be dramatic and will cause destruction of property. As a home owner, you will feel a low rumbling sound and before you realize, your house is burning.

We apply recent chimney cleaning methods to keep your facility clean. We have bio-safe cleaning chemicals and high-rate quality cleaners equipment such as high-pressure cleaners to offer impeccable services to save time & money. After the cleaning, our cleaners will offer video camera inspections to show you the quality of the chimney sweeping and help detect issues with chimney.

As a licensed & insured company, we have set an excellence standard for our technicians to ensure we offer service to fit your needs and help you stay compliant with regulations. For the residents of Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area, call a professional today at 347-990-2756.