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Wood stoves and fireplaces contain wood-fueled fires while heating up your home. The chimney expels the by-products of combustion. As these substances leave the fireplace or wood stove and move to cooler parts of the chimney, condensation occurs. The residue that results get stuck on the inner walls of the chimney forming creosote. This substance is brown or black in appearance and is flaky or rusty. It can be drippy or hardened. In most chimneys, there are all forms of creosote.

This substance is highly combustible. When it builds up to sufficient quantities, it can catch fire inside a chimney. While any amount of creosote can result to fire, we are concerned with sufficient quantities that can result to long, and destructive chimney fire.

The buildup of creosote is facilitated by restricted air supply, use of unseasoned wood, and cold temperatures inside the chimney among other factors. We can help ensure that these factors do not affect the performance of your chimney in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area. You only need to call 347-990-2756 and schedule an appointment with our cleaners.

The Buildup of Creosote

Creosote builds up with time, resulting to fire hazards. Granted, you need to ensure that a professional is always checking your system to ensure there is no significant buildup of creosote. Through the maintenance operations, we offer creosote removal, animal and nest removal, and resolve smoke drafting issues.

When fireplaces have closed glass doors, air supply is restricted. When the smoke cannot be released from the fireplace in time, it increases chances of creosote forming. In case of a wood stove, when damper and air inlets are closed, the smoke does not leave the stove and this heightens the chances of creosote formation. Unseasoned wood produces a lot of smoke and this leads to formation of a lot of creosote. For this, you will need chimney maintenance services in Manhattan, New-York and surrounding areas. During maintenance, we work to detect factors that might increase the formation of creosote and advise you accordingly. We are your local chimney service provider operating in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area. Call a professional today at 347-990-2756 and get the service that you desire.

Why Do You Need Maintenance Service?

You need our maintenance service for one reason, prevent chimney fires. We not only keep your facility clean and ensure you stay compliant with regulations, but we ensure you stay free of fires. Most chimneys are masonry and when they burn, at about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, fires can melt mortar, crack tiles, and result to the collapse of liners. This destroys masonry material. Even worse, the fires can spread to other parts of the house. Why not let us prevent these fires in Manhattan, New-York and surrounding areas?

While a single chimney fire may not burn your home, consequent fires will burn your home and your neighbors. Our chimney sweeping and maintenance services ensure fire risks are detected and halted before they occur.

Metal chimneys are safer as they contain fires. Still, if you have a metal chimney in Manhattan, it might still get damaged by being buckled, warped, and generally deformed. When the metal chimney is deformed, it will need replacement. We are licensed & insured to offer service that fits your needs. With each maintenance, we ensure you stay compliant with regulations. Call a professional today at 347-990-2756 and request chimney sweeping service in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area.

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Clients share their experience

I used to clean our wood-burning fireplace. They showed up on time and did a fast and thorough job. We expected to have ash to clean up, BUT they did all the clean up and left the fireplace looking like new. I would highly recommend them. After the fact I found out that they are a member of the Chimney Sweep Guild and are real professionals, not just some guy with a brush!
James Stinger Came fast a got our chimney ready just on time for the holidays. I highly reccomend and will use again.
Sophie Grant
ChimneySweepExpert came out to inspect and clean the chimney at my new home after the home inspector had recommended repairs. ChimneySweepExpert was very knowledgeable clearly explained my options before beginning any work. ChimneySweepExpert cleaned the chimney, the grate, sealed cracks in the firebox, repaired the crown, and installed a new custom cap. I was very impressed by the quality of their work, and I just love the look of the custom chimney cap.
Amy Winter

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Keep your Chimney Well Maintained

Chimney fires do not just happen. They result from buildup of creosote and other substances. With maintenance service, you can monitor the buildup of these substances and stop fires before they happen. We will advise you on how to maintain your chimney. You should:

  • Use seasoned wood always
  • Build small but hot fires
  • Avoid using wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and any other items that produce sparks
  •  Install stovepipe thermometers
  • Let us offer routine maintenance service

Call a professional today at 347-990-2756 and request for a no-obligation quote. We serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, NJ, Long-Island and NYC Metro area. Our services are trusted by many and we have a high number of repeat customers.